052 – WWE Survey & Panic Mode | Stalling Out on Star Making | League of Nations | Exposing New Day | Lana / Rusev / Honma | Sheetys | Bright Spots | Sealia Sees It | Hugh’s Views

Bryan Alvarez, Wade Keller, and Dave Meltzer react to WWE’s recent survey of viewers, including the right and wrong ways to engage with them. Meltzer the Keller disagree over whether or not to ask current viewers relevant questions, or ask mythical casual viewers irrelevant questions. Dave Meltzer and Todd Martin weigh in on whether or not Vince McMahon is the right guy to judge talent anymore, Meltzer talks about changes to the TV landscape, etc.

Then, we look at whether or not the League of Nations is making a change in terms of how fans watch the show. We look at turning Big Ideas into big plot points, whether or not Big E swiveling his hips is a turn off, Joey Ryan’s Dick and more.

From there we talk about the over-exposure of the New Day, Lana and Rusev, Melzer’s sexist views, and the upcoming Sheetys.

Sealia offers how she sees things for the week, and Hugh offers his views as well.

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