076 – WWE Brand Split | Coverage from Meltzer, Keller, Mitchell & More | Sealia Bloom Run-In | Rollins a Heel | WWE vs Pabst Blue Ribbon | Twitter vs Old School News | Hugh’s Views

The gang is back to talk all things WWE Brand Split—the speculation, the reports, the heartbreaking story of Les’s SUPER SHOW with an all-star cast of interviews. Sealia Bloom (@SealiaBloom) stops by to talk the Flair breakup angle from WWE Raw Monday night and poses the question: how does the brand split change how the show is covered?

Les (@ProWrestling) and Hugh (@HughLittleSheet) talk WWE forcing Seth Rollins as a heel on a crowd who passionately wanted to give him a hero’s welcome. We also look at the trend of wrestling news being broken and whether it has become a better delivery system than old school newsletters like Dave Meltzer’s Observer. Hugh gives us all his views of he week and Les tacks on some random thoughts at the end, too.


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