081 – Mid-Week News | WWE Championship Renamed | Chief Operating Officers | Reigns Suspension Mention | McCarron Interviews Sapolsky | Bixenspan News | Sealia Birthday Part II

WE HAVE an out of the ordinary edition of the Mid-Week show…

First, Les spends 20 minutes or so breaking down the news of the week so far, including conversation around what it means that WWE has renamed their main title back to WWE Championship, dropping the “World Heavyweight” from the name. Michael Cole’s assertion that heading up the differing brands would be individual Chief Operating Officers. Roman Reigns’ suspension being brought up on Raw despite Bryan Alvarez and Mike Sempervive spending nearly an hour lambasting WWE for not mentioning the suspension…

We look at the hope and hype surrounding fan exception that Finn Balor would debut on WWE Raw against the Miz, only to be disappointed when it turned out to be Kane facing off against the IC champion — and what it says about Bryan Alvarez, who scolded fans for believing in the hype, despite himself feeding into the Balor debut hype for months!

We look at Rob McCarron’s brief interview with EVOLVE’s Gabe Sapolsky and how Gabe took liberties with one of Rob’s questions…

David Bixenspan has a special announcement this week as well!

Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin reports on the Ashley Lynn is a Liar sign.

In part 2 of our show from Saturday, we talk with Skillcrane about his Wrestling With Words editorial “No Laughing Matter” as well as with Papa Hales regarding his own editorial on Wrestling with Words called “Making Towns — Before My World Grows Dark”

Sealia talks in helium voice and decides which version of her latest wrestling boyfriend – Chris Hero – she would rather F, Marry or Kill.

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