080 – Part 001 – A Birthday for Sealia Bloom Part 1 | Roman Reigns Suspension | WWE Raw Ratings BOOM Watch | Dave Meltzer on a Shelf Life for Bayley | Sealia Bloom Celebration & Tons More!

Les Moore and Hugh Little are joined by a massive LIVE audience of listeners to celebrate Sealia Bloom’s birthday. Our celebration kicks off with plenty of merriment and revelry as we explore Sealia and Hugh’s take on the Roman Reigns suspension, WWE Raw ratings from this past Monday and lots more. We look at the Kurt Angle story, and whether or not he is coming back to WWE with special guest Kris Zellner, who calls in to wish Sealia a happy birthday…. then, we talk all the latest on Bayley and her shelf life in WWE—whether it’s too late to call her up and what we can expect when she comes to the WWE main roster. Jeff Hawkins joins to talk with Sealia, Les and Hugh and give his opinions on the topic.

Finally, we talk about coverage changes and how the various subscription sites are expected to change their schedules to match to the new “A” show status of WWE Smackdown.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Sealia Bloom’s epic birthday celebration as well as we take listener calls, play games, open presents and much, much more!

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