090 – How Thanksgiving Started the Monday Night War | Prepping for Complaints About Too Much WWE Content | Meltzer Responds to Fightful Article | TJ Wilson off Total Divas

Les, Hugh and Sealia are back to talk the weekend news on the Prime edition of the show. Les gives a lesson on how the pay per view battle of 1985 between WWF and NWA Crockett Promotions would eventually lead to the Monday Night War as the gang look back on the Dave Meltzer History of Wrestling on Thanksgiving piece from 2010.

Then the gang talk about 205 Live premiering next week, and how so many wrestling podcasts lately lament the amount of content WWE are producing. We look at the Dave Meltzer article comparing WWE business if they hadn’t abandoned pay per view, which he wrote in response to Brandon Howard’s recent article at

We look at TJ Wilson / Tyson Kidd’s recent tweets announcing that he is off Total Divas due to WWE not wanting the story of his injury out there, Sealia makes Mick Foley’s recipe from JR’s cookbook, and we look back on his book Have a Nice Day, and Dave Meltzer’s article from 1999 when the book was released.

Sealia let’s us know how she sees the wrestling scene for the week, and Hugh wraps us up with his View for the week as well!

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