095 – Will Ronda Rousey go to WWE? | Top Stories from Wrestling Observer & PW Torch | Mick Foley’s Hip & Irresponsible Journalism | The WWE Monopoly? | 2017 Coverage Outlook

Les, Hugh & Sealia return for their final show of 2016 (or first show of 2017, depending on when you listen) to talk about the wrestling coverage and hot topics of the week.

We kick things off with the Ronda Rousey loss at UFC 207 and the instant speculation as to whether or not wrestling fans can expect her in WWE now that he career is most likely over.

Les runs down the top stories from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and PW Torch. We look at the story regarding Mick Foley’s needed hip surgery getting out, and why both he and Chris Hero appear to have been blindsided by Dave Meltzer reporting their stories.

Kenny Omega brought up WWE’s hiring practices, which have caused some to compare their current hiring practices to the predatory talent raids of the WWF in the 80s, and WCW in the 90s.

Plus, Hugh’s Views, Sealia Sees It, and Les’ Sheet List for the week.


  • 00:00: 00 – 00:15:00 – Rousey to WWE? Speculation on whether she will come in now that her UFC career appears to be over following her second devastating loss.
  • 00:15:00 – 00:55:00 – Know Your Sheet from Wrestling Observer and PW Torch for this week, including Guess the Dirt and Inspector Ringside
  • 01:03:00 — 1:23:12 Kenny Omega on WWE Monopoly, and whether it’s predatory hiring practices.
  • 1:23:12 – 1:40:27 Hugh’s Views & spotlight on indie wrestling scene
  • 1:40:27 – 2:00:32 – Sealia Sees It / new subscription to Torch & Observer, reactions to Travis Bryant article on women’s wrestling attire.
  • 2:00:32 – 2:28:32 – Sheet List & 2017 Coverage Outlook

Have a Happy New Year and enjoy the show!

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