102 – The Rock Calls CM Punk, Pundits React | Dave Meltzer Responds to Les Moore | Comparing Coverage of Kevin Owens Raw Promo | Bryan Alvarez Criticizes U.K. Fitness | Interview with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp

The Rock was on hand this week for WWE Raw in Los Angeles, and caused quite the stir among wrestling news pundits. We look at the coverage, including PWTorch’s Bruce Mitchell comparing the Rock to your spoiled stripper girlfriend. And PWInsider’s Mike Johnson continues to talk about the return to WWE of CM Punk, despite no actual chance of it happening any time soon.

Les and Sealia break down the coverage of the Kevin Owens opening segment from Raw, including Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez brushing it off as “good,” before preemptively dissing their subscribers for complaining about their lackadaisical recitations of Raw segments. We look at how the analysis of that same segment played out over at PW Torch on the Wade Keller Hotline and Bruce Mitchell Audio Show, and’s Mike Johnson Hotline. Plus, John Pollock and Wai Ting offer a better, more well-rounded take on Review A Raw as well.

Body Guy Bryan Alvarez takes all UK wrestlers (except Neville) to task for their poor fitness.

Finally, Les and Sealia are joined by’s managing editor Sean Ross Sapp to talk the site, its multitude of fantastic contributors, as well as writer pay, working for Whatculture, and wrestling journalism. Then Sealia hosts a game of TRUTH OF FALSEHOODS, Tom Phillips’ dick move, and the upcoming WWE rulebook.

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