113 – WWE Announces Dual Brand PPVs | PowerBombTV | Cena & Rousey WrestleMania Plans | Bruce Mitchell on New Day & Race | F4Wonline Loses Podcast Host to PW Torch | Abbey Arthur’s Cancer Scam

Les and Hugh are back to scratch the surface of a huge week in wrestling coverage, including the bizarre case of wrestling writer Abbey Arthur apparently faking cancer, and scamming her friends and followers out of $10k through GoFundMe and Ko-fi.

But first, we look at the recent upheaval and reaction to PowerBomb.tv parting ways with co-founder Adam Lash.

We discuss the fear among many wrestling pundits that co-branded WWE pay per view events may mean more multi-wrestler matches, longer shows, shorter matches or all of the above!

John Cena’s storyline sucks, and is unbelievable according to most Raw reviewers.

Ronda Rousey is in WWE in order to increase Stephanie McMahon’s profile according to Dave Meltzer.

Bruce Mitchell writes on the racial undertones of the New Day’s pancake act.

Alan Counihan leaves F4Wonline to join the VIP podcast team at PWTorch.

All this plus more on Talking Sheet.

Les is @prowrestling
Hugh is @HughLittleSheet
the show is @TalkingSheetPod


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