Camel Clutch Blog Grabs Reader Attention

Heard-hitting articles ask the tough questions few other sites dare cover

This week was a banner week for the Camel Clutch Blog.

The Camel Clutch Blog is owned and operated by Eric Gargiulo, pro wrestling announcer, commentator, and radio show host best known for his years announcing Combat Zone Wrestling and hosting Pro Wrestling Radio on WBCB 1490 AM out of Philadelphia until 2009.

But, while Eric brings his years of experience to the site, it is in the colorful columnists he has assembled to provide content for Camel Clutch that set it apart.

After snapping up notable wrestling columnist Joe Babinsack, last seen writing long form commentary at, the site seems poised for greatness, with a talented stable of talent boasting not only “The Sack” (as his fans refer to him), but also thought-provocing essayists like David M. Levin, and Tom Elliot.

“Yes, Hell, Fire and Brimstone must reign supreme in the WWE again.” -David M. Levin

Just this week alone, Levin submitted an enlightening article arguing for the return of the Kane most of us refer to as the “Big Red Machine,” calling for an end to this Corporate Kane gimmick.

“Nothing would make me happier right now than to see the WWE finally put Kane back where he rightfully belongs,” Levin writes… “…in a red suit and the mask that made him one of the greatest and feared characters that professional wrestling has ever known.”

A hopeful Levin further writes that he believes the fallout from Extreme Rules will see Kane’s return to glory, “fans will have a chance to see the Big Red Monster I finish out his career how it started when he appeared in the WWE starting in 1997. “

Impressively, barely a third of the way into his thesis, Levin shirks convention to let his reader know just how good an idea he is on to here…

“It’s masterful and brilliant, and if it happens to work come Sunday in Chicago when Kane has been asked to protect the cage for The Authority, it will be the triumphant return of one of the company’s greatest characters.”

And, for those scoffing at the idea that the company would put energy in promoting one of their oldest, and longer tenured superstars when it desperately needs younger, fresher faces to start carrying the company… Levin as thought of that as well:

“Yes, the wrestling fans need a transition to Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Neville and Rusev. But in doing so, it should also let one of the most tenured members of the WWE roster and one of the most respected men in the ring of all time help the new establishment.”

You can read more of Levin’s article on Kane, and the myriad reasons why this brilliant idea must come to pass over at the Camel Clutch Blog here.

“The brand split in 2002 was a great idea of Vince McMahon’s in many ways.” -Tom Elliot

Elsewhere on this sight, Tom Elliot looks at whether the brand split could ever happen again… and all the reasons why, in his opinion, it should.

“From a business and financial standpoint, it created more merchandise sales and would have caused more people to watch both programs to see what happened. The brand split also allowed more superstars to be put in the spotlight, Brock Lesnar being an example before he moved to SmackDown.”

It’s a controversial subject to be sure, and one that has the potential to polarize wrestling fans around the world. Elliot recognizes the weight of his subject matter, however, and brings the appropriate amount to gravitas to the topic:

“I have thought about this subject a lot, about whether RAW and SmackDown should once again be separate entities rather than sharing rosters.”

He then painstakingly breaks downs the arguments in a logical Points For, Arguments Against, and In Conclusion format that is at once easy to read and largely impossible to understand.

In the end (spoiler alert), Elliot’s point however, is entirely clear:

“I think that the brand split would be a great idea because of the competition and entertainment.”

Read Elliot’s entire article here.

I look forward to monitoring the output over at the Camel Clutch Blog in the weeks to come.



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