04/24/15 – Daily News Update

Should be back to a more normal routine next week. The last couple of days have been insanely hectic, so I apologize for the late updates. We’ll also be around this weekend with coverage on all the major news sites and what they’re talking about over the weekend.

Last chance to get in your feedback for the best podcasts on wrestling for our feature story coming up this weekend on the site. Send your thoughts to les@sheetsandwich.com

We’ve got a ton of great stuff already up for you, including a feature about WONF4W reporter, Figure Four Weekly editor and most recently podcast host David Bixenspan looking at his rocky relationship with his readers, his current employers, and how he got one member of the WONF4W BOARD~! banned for posting the image Bixenspan used to use as his profile image at Bleacher Report.

Also available is an article looking at changes being made to Bryan Alvarez’s daily radio show on Sports By Line Wrestling Observer Live, where his is banishing the Open Lines concept in favor of keeping callers on topic, and relating them to the last segment of the show.

Friday News Update

** In what is, no doubt, unrelated news, today’s episode of Wrestling Observer Live has yet to be posted on F4WOnline.com. You can, however, listen to an eight year old episode of Figure Four Daily featuring Vampire, in case two podcast appearances with him this week weren’t enough already.

** Dave Meltzer notes in his update today:

Today would have been the 54th birthday of Terry Gordy, which is notable since his Japanese clone, Takeshi Morishima, just retired this week.

Umm… what?

** Call him Bryan “Mr. Customer Satisfaction” Alvarez. According to Vince Verhei in this week’s Figure Four Weekly, Alvarez “genuinely cares” about customer satisfaction because he paid $15 to watch and review the Miz in Marine 4 rather than wait a day and rent it for a third the price. Yes. He really said this.

** John Pinkus, of Chicago, IL, won Granny’s Contest on the Thursday night Bryan & Vinny show.

** For those wondering, the moderator who is strongly suspected as being employed by WWE, is Brad Brains.

** Here’s one for those suspecting a bias toward UFC from WONF4W:
On the front page today a note about Goldberg returning to wrestling was accessible to anyone visiting the site. A similar note, regarding UFC president Dana White commenting on Ronda Rousey’s agreement with WWE was set behind the pay wall, available to subscribers only.

Neither were exclusive stories here. The Goldberg bit was an interview on Fox News, while the White interview was with John Pollock on Canada’s Fight Network. Gotta love paying for rehash.

** The latest Dragon King Karl Classic Wrestling Audio Show is available at F4Wonline.com. Karl takes questions from the mail bag about wrestling unions, AWA, minority leagues in wrestling history plus movie characters in wrestling which gets into Lord Humongous talk—timely considering next month will see the release of the fourth installment of the Mad Max franchise.

** Wade Keller’s VIP Hotline update (podcast) for Friday covers news on appearances by the former CM Punk, Ric Flair, and Mic Foley, plus Wade makes you pay to learn about the Fox Sports interview with Bill Goldberg, and Pollock’s interview with Dana White on Ronda Rousey’s WWE future, too.

** I’m assuming Mike Johnson over at PWInsider has an interview up in that site’s Elite section has the headline notes, in part: Springer discusses his new WWE Network series, what fans can expect from it, why society loves dysfunction… wrestlers he watched growing up, etc. etc.
Difficult to tell for sure because they don’t really offer intelligible preview text for their shows.

** We’ll probably be getting a membership to PWInsider and PWTorch.com in the next couple of days, so coverage should increase on how well they’re reporting and commenting on pro wrestling, and whether it’s worth your subscription money.

** Due to requests from readers, I’ve added a donation link the the bottom of this site. 100% of donations will be put back into making the Sandwich the best it can be. Thanks so much to those of you who’ve already donated.


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