04/23/15 Daily News Update

Looking for your thoughts on how various wrestling sites around the internet are previewing tonights Smackdown show, including any podcasts previewing the show. Send feedback to Les@sheetsandwich.com.

We look at Mike Coughlin’s side of the story, and how he was forced out basically because of Dave Meltzer and Todd Martin, plus his thoughts on Metlzer’s criticism over how Coughlin covered a UFC show in Las Vegas and didn’t cover a Phil Brooks press conference announcing his signing with UFC.

Also featured is our look at Martin’s appearance Tuesday night on Rob McCarron’s podcast Shake them Ropes. we break down what his future may hold, including what he said and didn’t say about his current status at WONF4W.

Our feature story this weekend covers some of the biggest podcasts in wrestling, both paid and unpaid, from how they cover the current scene, whether they break or report news vs whether they report and analyze various shows.

Wednesday News Update

** The weekly dose of legitimate, in-depth news is now available for the week over on F4Wonline.com, as the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has been posted today. Among other stories, the issue includes yet another detailed look at Daniel Bryan, his injury and status for Sunday, as well as Meltzer’s preview of this Sunday’s Extreme Rules show.

** Bryan Alvarez has the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Live at f4wonline.com touting an update on Daniel Bryan. Interestingly, that update remains unchanged from last night’s vague coverage on the issue from Wrestling Observer Radio (a podcast) where he and Dave Meltzer reported that Bryan may be out up to five weeks, but hasn’t officially been pulled from Sunday’s Pay Per View

** Along those same lines, Dave Meltzer’s semi-annual audition for an appointment to the Better Business Bureau kicked off in earnest on Wednesday night’s WOR podcast when he became incensed at the idea that WWE would be advertising Bryan’s appearance on Extreme Rules, even when they knew he might not be on the card.

** On Thursday night’s on the Bryan & Vinny Show, they’ll be running a contest where listeners can guess what, beside wrestling magazines, Bryan Alavarez used to talk his grandmother into buying him when he was young. The winner will receive a $10.00 pay pal prize. (Thanks to Gladys Gibson)

** The second edition of the Trade Marks, with David Bixenspan and Dylan Waco from Voices of Wrestling is said to be good. Sandwich contributor I. Flam sends the following:

I listened to “The Trade Marks (episode 2): May Be Flammable” available on voicesofwrestling.com, davidbix.com and illuminatiTunes. It features the always controversial David Bixenspan, ably assisted by Dylan Hales. In the world over saturated by wrestling podcasts, Bix and Dylan set themselves apart by focusing on business aspects of the grappling game. This week’s edition featured talk about anti-piracy in indie wrestling, WWN Live pricing and customer service issues, the WrestleMania 31 bootlegger lawsuit, WWE filing a cease and desist against Pro Wrestling Tees, and Doug and Tommy Gilbert suing WWE & ESPN. It wasn’t that bad and quite interesting in parts. **1/2

** There may be a fox in the henhouse. Rumor has it, one of the newly installed moderators over at the WONF4W BOARD~! actually works for WWE in a PR capacity.



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