Dirt Sheet Daily Audio – 07/05/16

Voices of Wrestling’s TNA Impact reviewer Garrett Kidney joins Les Moore to talk the Final Deletion conflict between Broken Matt Hardy and “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy from Tuesday night.

Les looks at Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer speculating that TNA influenced WWE creative in their booking of the Wyatts/New Day segment from Monday night wherein the Wyatts challenged the New Day to a battle at their compound.

Brock Lesnar’s opponent is set to be named this Thursday on SmackDown, and Dave Meltzer and PWInsider’s Mike Johnson have helped fuel speculation that the opponent will be Randy Orton, who is set to return within the next few weeks from injury. Orton has been out of action since December.

James Caldwell has a look at who oddsmakers say may be Lesnar’s opponent at SummerSlam, while Dave Meltzer wonders why WWE would even name an opponent yet at all, since Lesnar could be injured severely enough to miss the show when he faces off against Mark Hunt in the UFC Octagon this weekend. Meltzer goes on to say that he thinks maybe Vince McMahon as swerved into thinking Hunt wouldn’t be much competition to Lesnar.

Meltzer has a take on the interesting political move of having Enzo and Cass as John Cena’s partners at Battleground against AJ Styles and the Club rather than the Usos.

MLW Radio received a facelift Tuesday in prep for the debut of Ric Flair’s relaunched podcast on their network, set for Wednesday with Cody Rhodes as the first guest.

MSL lets listeners know that all of the shows on the MLW network will soon be receiving their own podcast feeds as well.

Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet reported Tuesday that ROH star Moose was fielding offers from several different groups including TNA and AAA in Mexico.

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