Jarrett Appearance on TNA Impact Continues to Baffle Wrestling Press

What Brought Jeff Jarrett Back to TNA? Wrestlings Top Newsies Continue to Guess

It’s the story everyone is talking about, but no one seems to know a thing about.

In one of the most perplexing developments of the past week, former TNA head honcho Jeff Jarrett has seemingly returned to the fold after appearing out of the blue Wednesday night on Impact wrestling on Destination America.

Dave Meltzer may have said it best yesterday when he wrote:

At press time, all sorts of things were happening but hadn’t happened yet, but it was very possible a story could break imminently.

Thursday, everyone is coming out of the woodwork to talk about what it all means, and conjecture and speculation are running wild. Indeed, everything continued to be happening, but nothing had actually happened yet other than that Jarrett had appeared on the TNA Impact show Wednesday night, and was booked to appear on the Sunday Pay Per View, Slammiversary.

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Jim Ross spent the bulk of his blog entry plucking thoughts out of thin air regarding Jarrett, covering just about every base imaginable from a GFW invasion angle, to a Toby Keith-backed buyout of the company.

“…there is more to this matter than Jeff competing on Sunday’s tepidly promoted TNA PPV and the opportunity to give Global Force Wrestling a nice bump to the TV audience that watches the hard to find network that many wrestling fans have no access to in the first place”

Jason Powell over at ProWrestling.net covered Ross’s thoughts on the matter, and offered his own conjecture about what Ross’s speculation might mean as well.

Over at PWInsider, Mike Johnson was quick to point out the obvious in his in-depth reportage of what Jarrett’s return to TNA might mean…

“For those asking what’s up with Jeff Jarrett and TNA, the story that he told last night on Impact Wrestling was pretty much the truth – TNA (I believe John “Big” Gaburick) reached out to him about appearing on the Slammiversary PPV. The appearance gives TNA a badly-needed hook for the Slammiversary PPV (although it comes at the last second) and for Jarrett, allows him to promote his GFW company.”

Johnson also threw caution to the wind and went out on another limb, writing:

“Jarrett will be working the PPV and I wouldn’t be shocked to see the company announce him as this year’s TNA Hall of Famer”

Later on in the the afternoon, PWInsider got the hot scoop that they had “confirmed with multiple sources was that part of the deal was to allow TNA talents the ability to work GFW events.”

Dave Meltzer over at F4Wonline.com would back this up, reporting:

“While details are still sketchy with everything regarding the Jeff Jarrett deal with TNA, it will include some form of TNA participation at the July 24th Global Force Wrestling TV tapings in Las Vegas, NV. Magnus is believed to be booked on that show and there may be others.”

For now, everything remains vague and—as Meltzer dutifully points out in his report above—sketchy.

Chances of any of this actually leading to an increased buyrate for this week’s Slammiversary (or, as Meltzer reported in the Observer this week, Slamboree) remain solidly between slim and none our sources tell the Sandwich.



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