No Details in Rumored Nikki Bella Retirement, Reported Anyway

Twitter Rumblings Get Prominent Wrestling News Coverage

Ryan Satin’s Pro Wrestling Sheet is the latest wrestling news outlet to report on the rumored retirement of Nikki Bella after this year’s upcoming WrestleMania in Orlando.

As discussed this weekend on the Talking Sheet Podcast’s 100th episode, Dave Meltzer wrote in last week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that rumors had begun swirling regarding Nikki Bella’s in-ring status.

“…there is also a lot of talk that it would be Nikki Bella’s last match,” Meltzer wrote, citing Twitter chatter originating by most accounts with Trevor the Irish Wrestling Fan (also known as Rovert).

TtIWF was among the first online to break that the Superstar would be performing with her paramour, John Cena, at WrestleMania, and has been persistent with the idea that Bella’s neck is far worse than many realized:

In the Observer last week, Meltzer continued his report, saying he had been unable to confirm the rumor: “…there are reports of that but nobody we’ve asked about it internally either had any knowledge or confirmed it.”

On Tuesday, Ryan Satin reported that he had received confirmation from “sources with direct knowledge,” who told him that the Bella has been dealing with neck pain since returning from surgery.

“…there’s some truth to rumors claiming Nikki Bella will be done in the ring after WrestleMania 33,” Satin wrote. “but we’re told she won’t be leaving WWE.”

According to Satin’s sources, and people on Twitter and online forums who remember recent reports that Nikki Bella had recently become an executive producer on Total Divas, the assumption is she will ink a new deal with WWE and remain with the company.

Satin seemed to confirm on Twitter that Rovert’s Twitter assertions played a key role in his digging into the story.

Sheet Sandwich will have more on this story as its elusive details continue to form.

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