Meltzer Goes Tabloid – Clears Up HHH, Chyna Non-Scene from Piper Memorial

Dave Meltzer Clears Up the Controversy Surrounding Whether or Not There Was a Scene at Piper’s Memorial Service

The man once referred to as editor of the Wall Street Journal of professional wrestling these days may appear more comfortable in the newsroom of the National Enquirer with a new story published this week in the Wrestling Observer needlessly covering a non-interaction between former lovers Triple H and Chyna.

In a brief recap of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper’s Memorial Service in Portland this past Tuesday, Meltzer tabloidishly made sure to mention that “HHH and Chyna were in the same room for about an hour and never spoke.”

Even more out of place was that Meltzer would even include Chyna as someone noteworthy as attending.

“Roddy Piper’s Portland, OR, funeral took place on 8/11. It was a private service with family and some friends. Ric Flair spoke. Those notable attending included HHH, Bret Hart, Brian Knobbs, Michael Hayes, Chyna and Chael Sonnen. HHH and Chyna were in the same room for about an hour and never spoke.”

It’s almost as if he included her as noteworthy simply to give the non-report of their non-interaction.

Meltzer’s report, though, ran contrary to reports that both WrestleZone and PWMania were quick to run with regarding Sean X-Pac Walkman’s review of the event on Twitter wherein he insinuated that Chyna was in attendance and “bum-rushed” Triple H, and that she was nearly taken out by security for approaching the WWE executive with whom she used to exchange bodily fluids, and has famously accused of misconduct

Both second-rate news sites, in nearly identical stories, were quick to point out Waltman’s tweets wherein the ex-WWE superstar weighed in on Chyna’s attendance at the service in addressing a question from twitter user kyara_guidry

The details of this story would apparently prove incredibly important in the tapestry of wrestling news this week as the always epically busy Meltzer was sure to make the time on Thursday to set things straight. The wrestling tabloidist took to his site’s message board with an ongoing investigation.

“The source [at the memorial service] made a point to tell me that. It’s not like that person would see everything but he was looking for it since both were in the same room for an hour. Could she have approached him for a split second, yes, but it couldn’t have been more.”

Later he promised to dig deeper into the details of this juicy tale and double up his sourcing on the news.

“I know several people who were there so will ask around. But there was no “scene” and she was invited. Without saying who as I’ve asked several so far:

Here is the first response: “I didn’t see anything. I’m sure I would have heard.””

From there, members of the Board were treated to the development of news in real time as Meltzer took the time out of his schedule to source and report back on his findings.

Sean Waltman wasn’t there.

This from another person there when asked if anything happened:

“Omg, no. Tiny service, I sat in back. Point being, I saw everything.”

That said, I seriously doubt Sean made it up and that somebody told him something. I’m trying to get to the bottom of it. There weren’t very many people there and thus far none of those know anything.

With the person who contacted me first, that is three people there who all said they saw nothing and one said he was looking for it and the other two said they would have seen it, and one I’m sure if he hadn’t seen it should have known about it.

Finally, two hours late, Meltzer was finally able to crack the code on his vitally relevant story in August 2015.

Okay, here is what happened.

Nothing happened at the funeral. No confrontation. As Paul was leaving, outside, she did come up and say she was sorry. That was the extent of it. One sentence.

Thankfully this late-breaking headline can finally be put to bed during this latest news cycle due to Meltzer’s incredibly productive and constructive sleuthing.



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