Say, You Want a Revolution? – Sealia Bloom’s Debut Column

What is a Revolution?

Oxford Dictionary calls it “A social order in favor of a new system”. Humm, an interesting description indeed. Sure, people are in favor of a Women’s Wrestling revolution. Whatever this Diva thing is, though, looks, smells and tastes like BS.

Of course, as a lady, I should love and promote anything WWE spoon feeds me as far as Women exceeding expectations in sports or whatever. In this case, I don’t buy it— we can do better. In fact, I expect better from both the ladies and WWE.  It keeps getting better and better especially with this week’s saucy play on the new tag team name Sorority Submission. BAH! (Didn’t do yourselves any favors there, did you?) However, if this wrestling thing doesn’t work out for you your name lends itself to an easy transition to another profession. I bet you can still wear your current costumes and even perhaps keep your finishers too. I heard through some gossip that after the buzz WWE changed the name. Eagerly awaiting Smackdown I waited and listened……. And nope still Sorority Submission. As of last Friday at least. (Editor’s note: WWE finally did re-name Charlotte, Becky & Paige “BCP” after Sealia had filed her story).

I completely agree with Will Pruett’s latest article “WWE wants to brand this but they don’t want to develop characters.”

From what I know of WWE, the whole lure of what they do IS the character development. Sometimes you love them,  sometimes you hate them. However, you can find yourself enjoying a match of a character you dislike when they perform well (I pointed that out Friday morning to Jeff Hawkins–@crapgame13 on Twitter–regarding Bayley). With lack of Character development here, what’s next? I’m already bored of it.

Will also rightly stated, “the Divas Revolution is about telling everyone the revolution is happening even though nothing is happening.”

I need and want to see more. I want them to give me what Steph is talking about: The Passion & Athleticism. I want to watch and when it’s over I want to say “ I wish I could do that.”  I can already bitch slap, rip someone’s extensions out and or kick them a bunch… that’s mostly what I’m seeing at least within our 9 “Divas”..(Cough cough Brie). I’m waiting….

What Paige are you on?

Most of you, I’m sure, saw Paige’s interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin. In fact, I know you did since I witnessed all the twitter jabs. Its ok, I jabbed too. However let’s step back and remember she is 23 and was interviewed by someone she said many times is an idol and/or crush. But then again, what lady wrestling fans didn’t have a crush on Stone Cold? Certainly not Sealia <BLUSH>

Clearly she was nervous. She played with her hair too much, fussed a bit with her clothes, which lead to an over-exposure of her white bra under her black top–Ooopsies.

Overall, I actually thought it was good. I learned a ton about her history and life in and around the ring with her folks. She isn’t a great speaker yet and there were some moments I sensed she even made Stone Cold a little awkward, but all in all I’ll give her the points. I had no idea that her and Dusty where so close and that she was his “printhess.”

Sushi or Pizza?

Nom Nom, I’ll always choose Sushi over pizza, plus California has shitty pizza anyways.

I am beginning to the feel the same about Japanese Women’s wrestling compared to WWE. I have now watched four Japanese matches and I’m in love for sure! With WWE, on I typically do other things and pay attention as needed— cooking, laundry, work… whatever.

But, when I’m watching Japanese matches, I’m on the edge of the couch making all kinds of noises that would simulate the understanding of their pain from whatever move was just administered. I’m knee-deep in matches to watch thanks to my friends on twitter who I either annoy the hell out of with my beginner’s understanding OR … nope I’m sure it’s that.

Anyway, thank you Brandon Howard and IFLAM. I have at least 7 matches and I even have a super link from Brandon after asking about this whole G1/Climax thing and confirming it was men’s only. I plan to investigate this matter soon

Also, please enjoy watching this match I received from IFLAM. It’s my fav thus far:


I wish I could come up with something catchy like “Hugh’s News” or Hugh’s views”… I could use Sealia’s Sheets but it doesn’t totally make sense… In any case here are some highlights from this week before I sign off and head out for my weekend assignment.

In Total Divas this week we were invited on their European tour. The Bella twins take Paige to “ tea time” when all she wants is to have a pint and go to a “chippy.”

Foxy gets some pressure to tell Wade how she really feels while Rosa is offended the ladies would suggest such a thing since Wade has a new girlfriend.

Later John Cena and Nikki take Brie out for her one-year anniversary since her and Bryan are on different tour groups. John jokes his dessert is IN “orange” .. not AN orange.

Eva Marie and Jonathon defend rumors that Jonathon abuses Eva Marie when the community sees her training bruises.

Nattie’s got a “humper” and offers Foxy the best advice: “Guys are annoying, Guys are complicated. All they do is eat Chipotle!”

On that note, I missed you this weekend on Talking Sheet, but I’ll be ready to join you Saturday 15th. Sea Ya!

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