020 – Piper Obits | Alvarez Vacation | Divas Renamed | Hugh’s Views | Power Rankings | Jeff Hawkins on Crockett Cup 87, Watts Buyout

Les and Hugh are back for another jam-packed episode of the show. We cover the recent Piper Obituaries in the top newsletters like the Observer and Torch, discuss the recent controversy surrounding Bryan Alvarez’s vacation to Alaska and accusations that he’s shirking his responsibilities as a content provider to paying customers. We talk over the embarrassing WWE situation where the Submission Sorority ended up being tied (har, har) to pornography. Hugh then gives his views on his tragically unlucky experience with Lucha Underground this week, the G1 tournament, Power Rankings and more.

Then, the guys are joined by special guest Jeff Hawkins of the Shake Them Ropes podcast who takes a trip back in time with Les and Hugh on the Rear View for a look at the Wrestling Observer Newsletter from April 20th, 1987 as we cover the Crockett buyout of Bill Watts, the ongoing Riki Choshu saga in Japan, plus the 2nd Annual Jim Crockett Memorial Tag Team Tournament.

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