019 – The Rousey Effect on Divas Revolution | Sealia Reacts to Submission Sorority | Listener Qs for Sealia | Hugh’s Qs for the Sheetists | Rear View Wrestling Observer 87 – Crockett Buyout of Watts & More

We flip the script this week, as Les & Hugh welcome Sealia for a special mid-week appearance on the show, as she’ll be on assignment this weekend. We talk the Rousey Effect on the Divas Revolution movement, as well as how the Revolution is being received thus far. We talk the Divas Factions, and whether that’s a good decision. Then, Sealia fields listeners questions, Hugh poses his Qs to the thrice and then Les and Hugh give the long-awaited lowdown on the 4/06/87 issue of the Wrestling Observer, plus cover the 4/13 Observer that covers the Crockett buyout of Bill Watt’s UWF.

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