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Ultima Lucha – Lucha Underground

The hour-long part 1 of Ultima Lucha was last week. I tuned in and thought it was a good show. The only part that I really was like holy fuck, was when Angelico launched off the roof onto the Disciples of Death who were standing on the outside of the ring. That guy is amazing! I didn’t really like the Mack vs Cage; it was too hollywood stunt props for me. But I was torn on the last match Believers’ Backlash – Drago vs. Hernandez. As I read Lawrence O’Brien’s article on Voices of Wrestling the more he won me over. It was a really fun read and by the time I was done, I was like that show was fucking awesome. I like the GIF’s and the Video explaining who the Hot Tub Guy was. Really good informative and fun article, Lawrence. If you just want transcript of what happened then check out Jeremy Peeples article. Personally it’s not my fave because it’s just play by play and I get no real sense of Jeremy’s personality. It is what it is. A recap. But geeze lousie could we get some personality.


Check out IFLAM’s work in this King Of The Board video. It’s so great he did a fantastic job.
I think we are getting closer to crowning this years champion.



This Friday August 7th Hoodslam Battle Royal of Supremacy! These guys have my heart.


Listener Video

Lucha Undead sent me a BJW match Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Yuji Okabayashi on 7/20/15. It was an epic match. I’ve seen Daisuke in a match before and thought he was a solid worker. Check it out.


Radican Article

I’m so glad another topic that I feel strongly about is being covered by someone at PW Torch. Sean Radican article “In-Depth Analysis – Can ROH survive a predatory NXT offensive?” is great. Sean talks about the different scenarios and the potential impact WWE can have on ROH if they view them as a threat. He also point out how fans may look at NXT and WWE as bullies if they try to snuff them out. I’ve mentioned on Talking Sheet how I hope ROH beats out NXT because I don’t want the giant to steamroll the littles guys. I know ROH is not innocent here either they’ve done stuff to anger the sleeping lion. It’s a good topic that I’m glad someone is keeping their eyes on. Go Sean!


G1 Climax

This is the first year I’ve ever followed the NJPW G1 Climax. It’s been so much fun and the people over at Voices of Wrestling have made this event even more awesome with their G1 pickem’s. Now every match I watch I have a rooting interest so it makes every match that much more exciting for me. Check out the standings.

So far the big match everyone is talking about is Ibushi vs Shibata. I’ve seen it and it’s awesome for sure, both of these guys are legit wrestlers with huge futures. I’ve only been able to find 3 people with star rankings.

Bryan Rose (Voices of Wrestling): *****
Sean Radican (Pro Wrestling Torch): ****¾
Dave Meltzer (Wrestling Observer): ****½

Meltzer is high on Ibushi saying he’s had the 3 best matches in the tournament so far. I’ve got to think one of those AJ Styles matches should be in there too. He’s been so good, each match is so different and exciting to watch. Then again I am only Hugh Little and he’s Dave Meltzer.

The tournament star so far is Ibushi. Ibushi, working with broken fingers in both hands, opened with the loss to Tanahashi which was a genuine match of the year contender at ****3/4. He did not have a match of the year contender with Doc Gallows on 7/24 in Kyoto. But he had a ****½ match on 7/26 in Hiroshima with Styles, that wasn’t quite as good as their IWGP title match classic, but was easily the second best tournament match up to that point. He had a completely different ****½ match with Katsuyori Shibata on 7/29 from Fukuoka, so at this point he’s had the three best matches I’ve seen of the tournament.


Outro Beat

I wanted to give my boy TurtleNecromancer his props for making our outro. It’s killer stuff brother, we both love it.


Roddy Piper’s Passing Coverage
Check out Les’s article on the site It’s a solid starting point to figure out what kind of coverage you want and where to go. Lot’s of sites are doing different stuff so having this reference is really helpful.


Karl Stern’s Dragonkingkarl Classic Wrestling July Marathon

The mission is complete, Karl, you may finally rest. All 31 shows of the July Marathon are published on F4W online as well as the Aug 1 Epilogue. I just want to thank Karl for the time and effort he put into this project. I’ve still got a few more episodes to listen to before I wrap them up myself.

Get your Super Stern Stick here.

July 1 – William Muldoon

July 2 – James H McLauglin

July 3 – Frank Gotch

July 4 – Ed “Strangler” Lewis

July 5 – Lou Thesz

July 6 – Jim Londos

July 7 – Gorgeous George

July 8 – Buddy Rogers

July 9 – Bruno Sammartino

July 10 – El Santos

July 11 – Andre The Giant

July 12 – Terry Funk

July 13 – Superstar Billy Gramham

July 14 – Bob Backlund

July 15 – American Dream Dusty Rhodes

July 16 – Harley Race

July 17 – Ric Flair

July 18 – Jerry Lawler

July 19 – Hulk Hogan

July 20 – Von Erich Family

July 21 – Road Warriors

July 22 – Four Horseman

July 23 – Big Van Vader

July 24 – Ultimate Warrior

July 25 – The Undertaker

July 26 – Bret Hart

July 27 – Shawn Michaels

July 28 – Triple H

July 29 – Bill Goldberg

July 30 – Stone Cold Steve Austin

July 31 – The Rock



Power Rankings

  1. San Juro
  2. luro
  3. phoenix numbers (20191)
  4. The Jeremy
  5. Graic


Power Rankings

  1. Hobbes
  2. IFLAM
  3. New Brandon
  4. Crapgame
  5. Helmy vs KCSTLCHI

Dirt Worst: Hardcore Hogan



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