Sealia’s Baking Sheet, Episode #2

Thank you for listening to this week’s Baking Sheet. Happy WrestleMania weekend! To help celebrate, my friends Chris and Trask fostered some casual & fun conversation about Undertaker, Hunter and Jacqueline (actually mostly her boobs).Read further to find out what the recipes look like, how they tasted and if I’d make them again.

If you would like to “Take the Heat” on Sealia’s Baking Sheet check out the recipes below. If you see your favorite wrestler OR have a lot to say over your least favorite wrestler on the list below DM me and let’s get Talking some sheet…

Undertaker Tetrazzini

This dish was AWFUL! It really could have been great IF the spaghetti was replaced by Ziti or rigatoni AND if it hadn’t been baked. The baking ruined the whole thing. It made it so that the top was hard and too crunchy not to mention its looks terrible. It kind of grossed me out to be honest. I will not make this again…. Ever!

Note those dark Brown pastas.. yeah, that’s not normal and when pasta starts looking like a dried piece of earthworm…that’s a hard NO for belly entrance.

Jacqueline’s Luscious Stuffed Green Peppers

These were fun to make and even very “pretty”. Who doesn’t like visually pretty food? The recipe obvi calls for green peppers however, a bell pepper is a bell pepper and although they do have slightly different flavor profiles, you can mix and match. That’s what I did here as you can see. The stuffing mixture is very tasty; I don’t eat beef so I used turkey instead (If you do this- add more salt to compensate for the switch). The turkey is leaner so I suspect if you were to try it with the beef it calls for it would actually peak the flavors differently- likely for the better (if you’re a red meat eater).


Swordfish a’la Helmsley (Substituted for McMahon Millionaire pie) 

How it tasted: As most of you know by now we didn’t make the Swordfish, yes, I know, it’s the best fish.. but it is on the Do not eat list so it’s actually hard to buy in California. However, I substituted with the pie which was delicious.and we kept the conversation Hunter because…. Well, I wanted to and its my show.. so I did!

I would make this pie again for sure however I’d add more pineapple. When you make it how it is published in the book you get a soupy pie. It does firm up in the fridge a little bit but certainly not to any pie lovers expectations. Add 1 cup pineapple instead of the ½ cup and it would be perfect no other modifications to the recipe are needed. The Pineapple will make it firmer and will tone down a notch the borderline too sweet combinations of the evaporated milk, sugar and Coconut. I also made smaller pies since I plan I having others taste. They are cute if I do say so myself ☺



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