TS Mid-Week 13 – Linda McMahon in Trump Cabinet | Lita & Jerry Lawler Done in WWE | Mauro Ranallo vs Twitter | 205 Live Week 2 | Alexa Bliss | Matt Riddle vs AIW | More

Les talks with Rob McCarron of Shake Them Ropes on a variety of topics, including former WWE CEO Linda McMahon being nominated to serve in Donald Trump’s cabinet, the departures from WWE of Lita and Jerry Lawler, Mauro Ranallo combatting rumors sparked by Justin LaBar on Twitter, and how awkward the 4-man announce team is on SmackDown Live. We also talk the reactions so far to 205 Live, Alexa Bliss, plans for Samoa Joe after losing the title to Nakamura, Matt Riddle parting ways with AIW, and Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte. Is it Iron MAN, or Iron WOMAN? And who cares?!

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Les Moore

Les Moore is a veteran ex-journalist, columnist and content marketing strategist. With more than 15 years spent subscribing to pay wrestling newsletters or websites, and at one time boasting a subscription to every reputable pay wrestling news service available, from Wrestling Observer, Pro Wrestling Torch, plus and, later, PWInsider, Moore provides a unique perspective on how wrestling writers ply their trade.

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