WithSpandex Tweets Undertaker Spoiler Weeks After Twitter Meltdown

Call her Danielle “Double Standard” Matheson.

Ridiculousness personified yesterday in the field of pro wrestling journalism when the Uproxx wrestling twitter account With Spandex announced an apparent Battleground spoiler just days before the event.

The article reveals that the Undertaker is expected to make a return to Battleground this weekend, and was written by Danielle Matheson.

Sheet Sandwich readers will remember that Matheson, the assistant editor at With Spandex, was one of the very same Uproxxers who took issue a couple of weeks ago when the identity of a masked wrestler (Silver Ant) who fringe wrestling troupe CHIKARA was revealed.

The Uproxx Uproar was led by Brandon Stroud, and Metheson, who took to twitter to belittle and bully Voices of Wrestling co-host Joe Lanza, who let slip that Silver Ant was in fact indy wrestler Tracy “Hot Sauce” Williams.

Brandon Stroud, With Spandex editor, even characterized the Silver Ant reveal as something akin to spoiling Christmas for a child by revealing there is no Santa Claus.

While there are no details as yet about Matheson’s home life, or what compelled her to spoil the Undertaker’s potential appearance at Battleground, I think we can infer from Stroud’s assertion above that it wasn’t all that rosy.

Meanwhile, on last night’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that, while he doesn’t know about Undertaker’s status for Sunday, he has learned that both Undertaker and Sting are expected to be part of next month’s SummerSlam event in Brooklyn, NY.


  1. There’s a pretty big difference between posting news that will be posted EVERYWHERE around the internet (ie, the Undertaker stuff) versus telling people what performer is working under a mask, which would probably go unreported otherwise.

  2. If your such a veteran you should actually spell check your whole work, Matheson is spelled just like that, not how you spelled it. And what does anyone’s home life have to do with anything?

    Clearly your home life involves women’s wigs and bad spelling, along with trying to trash others, which says what about you? Does it start with the letter L?

    And there is a big difference unmasking someone vs saying someone is showing up somewhere that is already public. Wow that must be why there is X in front of your bio. No one wants to read your shit.


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