003 – Figure Four Weakly | Daniel Bryan Mystery | Hugh’s Views in his first 10 days | Rear View Observer ’87

Les and Hugh discuss why the Figure Four newsletter needs to be renamed after an atrociously unworthy feature story this week, before comparing the Observer & Torch coverage of the mysterous Daniel Bryan injury. Hugh gives his take on how he sees things in his first full, officialy week as a paying subscriber to one of the sheets. And then the boys hop in their time machine for a Rear View look at the Wrestling Observer Newsletter from January 12, 1987.

The boys also kick off their new quiz show, Know Your Sheet, the contest where one lucky winner can enter for their chance to WIN A PRIZE. The first prize will likely be the Daniel Bryan Blu-ray. Unfortunately in this episode we say it will be the Daniel Bryan book, but that’s not coming out until July—so it will be the Blue-ray.


  1. Another great show. Again this is a great concept for a site, and a great podcast. Hugh is a very unique personality, and his off beat humor and wit is really entertaining.


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