05/17/15 – Weekend News Update

We’ve got a super-sized edition of Talking Sheet up now, with myself and High Little looking at renaming Figure Four newsletter, comparing Torch and Observer coverage of the Daniel Bryan situation and wondering why the story isn’t more about the secrecy of the thing than reporting the surface facts of what we know already.

We also have out popular Rear View segment looking back on the Wrestling Observer Newsletter from January 12, 1987.

Download, listen and play along for your chance to win a Daniel Bryan Blu-ray PLUS an autographed piece of paper and championship belt sketch by our own Hugh Little in our new quiz segment Know Your Sheet.

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We also have an article looking at F4Wonline’s Josh Nason wishing Todd Martin well in his future endeavors after Martin bowed out of the site’s UFC Picks Panel this week.

And don’t miss our coverage of Mike Johnson’s wheel spinning over Daniel Bryan’s status in WWE booked to appear, and then now not appearing on Payback, and how it’s all “cut and paste” sites’ fault, not his.

Weekend News Update

** Not a ton of news out of the weekend, so we condensed into one weekend update.

** With WWE Payback on later today a lot of sites have the usual previews and match listings for the show.

** PW Torch has a bare bones preview here

** PWinsider has their tip sheet here, with Dave Scherer, Mike Johnson and Richard Trionfo going over their predictions.

** No Payback predictions or preview up on F4Wonline yet.

** Lots of great audio from over the weekend:

  • Karl Stern has a Classic Wrestling Audio show up at F4Wonline for members
  • Bryan & Dave did a Wrestling Observer Radio show yesterday talking UFC, Nevada rules changes for drug test failures, TNA moving nights, and more.
  • Wade Keller had his VIP Hotline, as well as a Keller/Bruce Mitchell audio show where Bruce tries to slot current day wrestling stars in 70s/80s wrestling territories, which was pretty entertaining.

** Interesting exchange on Twitter this weekend, with Lance Storm asking Josh Nason of F4Wonline for clarification of whether the Nevada rule changes (which have a lifetime ban from the combatant’s sport for a 4th offense) pick up from current offenses or re-set. From what I gather, everyone is using the Nick Diaz example, who’s popped for pot multiple times, and would face his fourth offense if tested positive again under the new rules—the question is, would he be banned for life, or would be face a 3 year suspension.

** Nason responded to Storm that he thought it would reset based on what he’d heard, which contradicts what Dave Meltzer had said on Wrestling Observer Radio that all previous failures count under the new rules.

** Blake Mitchamore and Vince Russo have a point/counterpoint blog up looking at splitting Lana and Rusev up.

** WrestlingInc. have the current Payback betting odds here.

** Saturday’s News vs Plugs at F4Wonline.com – News: 597 words. Plugs: 3390 (all time low).


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