011 – Meltzer vs Keller WWE Raw Review | Moore’s Meltzer Mea Culpa? | Les vs Social Justice Warriors | Special Guest Rich Kraetsch from Voices of Wrestling

Les and Hugh get together for their new Mid-Week edition of Talking Sheet, examining the differences between Dave Meltzer and Wade Keller’s WWE Raw reviews from Monday night. Les discusses the hot water he found himself in due to his article on Dave Meltzer “Hatewatching” WWE, as well as remarks he made about UPROXX’s Danielle Matheson that were taken the wrong way. Then, the guys welcome Voices of Wrestling founder and podcast host Rich Kraetsch who joins the show to talk a little Sheet. Please to enjoy!


  1. Great show guys. I don’t think you have been too harsh on Meltzer. Being an “inside” journalist and a lot of time just doing guessing as some of his statements clearly are. I think it is fair that he and others gets critiqued for it. He constantly have all these “Er” “Uhms” and “from what I have heard” etc when discussing stuff he clearly does not have inside about.

    Another topic I think would be worth covering here on SS is the fact that he constantly complains on his PAID audio’s about how hard his job is and how much he has to watch. THis is really pathetic, especially since his audience is paying for the content and also in general. How many people has a job like his working with stuff you love (or used to)!?

  2. Regarding Keller. I donøt know how long you guys have been subscribing to his site. It is not correct that he hasnøt slammed WWE and wrestling as hard as Meltzer. For years he used to have these periods where he just constantly kept ramblin about how wrestling should be (which is very AWA’ish) to a degree that it became unberable to a lot of people. Almost seeming like he had a depression. I think there might even be old discussion on his site and on the Board about this. I was a subscriber for a couple of years and simply had to drop it because of the repetitious complaining.

    Nowadays he seems to be more balanced and objective so maybe he was overworked with hosting the livecast everyday (in the beginning)


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