023 – SummerSlam Coverage Galore | Mainstream Lesnar | Vince Better than Dana | Keller & Meltzer Differing Perspectives on Lesnar v. Taker | Rear View – Wrestling Observer 4/27/87 covering Mike Von Erich Death more

Les and Hugh are back to look at the coverage heading into SummerSlam this weekend, including mainstream coverage of the show with Jon Stewart hosting, Brock Lesnar on ESPN comparing Vince McMahon to Dana White, and who promotes fights better, including the big quotes Meltzer called out from the interview. We look at the differences in the way Wade Keller and Dave Meltzer are looking at the match, and outcome, of the Undertaker vs Lesnar match this weekend and more. Then, we have our Rear View segment looking at the Wrestling Observer Newsletter from April 27, 1987 which includes coverage of Mike Von Erich’s tragic suicide, continuing coverage of the Crockett buyout of Bill Watts’ UWF, bidding wars looming for Ted DiBiase, Steve Williams, and the ongoing Choshu defection from All Japan to Inoki’s New Japan.

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