031 – MLW Controversy | F4W Thread Disappears | Special Guest: Brandon Howard on WWE Ratings & Creative + Bruce Mitchell on the Patsy Sting | Rollins to Blame | Sealia Sees It | Hugh’s Qs

We kick things off this week with news out of the MLW Network involving Konnan forcing MSL out, Court Bauer’s hands tied and more. Then, we look at the recent disappearance of a thread on F4Wonline’s BOARD~! that has a number of subscribers up in arms. The gang is joined by Voices of Wrestling columnist Brandon Howard to talk the lead story of the week involving the crashing WWE ratings, lack of creativity, and a Vince McMahon quote from 2004 predicting his retirement long before 2015. Bruce Mitchell on the use of Sting and Seth Rollins, plus Sealia Bloom on how the Bella Twins are sometimes heels and sometime babyface with charity work. Sealia and Brandon discuss Total Divas, and Hugh gives his views of the week, and asks Brandon his Qs as well.

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  1. This MLW thing…Im wondering if they are working us on this. This seems too much like the whole WWE/Hulk Hogan thing. Konnan basically said that this was over a comment made by MSL where he used the N word. At the same time, MSL is an odd person and has been known to BS us before. Will see how long this lasts.


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