07/10/15 – Friday News Update

Our top story on the site today looks at the WWE firing of EVP of Content, Lisa Fox Lee, as well as the departure earlier this month of Rob Bernstein, the Sr. VP of Digital Content. The loss of these two key leadership positions represent a major shakeup for the division overseeing both the WWE Network, the WWE App and WWE.com.

We have a feature story on the site profiling PW Torch founder and editor Wade Keller, who tomorrow receives the Jim Melby Award for journalistic excellence at as part of the 2015 Tragos/Thesz Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in Waterloo, Iowa.

If you haven’t checked it out already, our latest episode of Talking Sheet features special guest Rich Kraetsch, Voices of Wrestling founder and podcast co-host.


Friday News Update

** PW Torch’s James Caldwell looks at the Tyson Kidd injury with the new perspective of learning how serious and life threatening the move is. Sheet Sandwich will have much more on this situation in an upcoming feature looking at this story from all angles later tonight or this weekend.

** The Rock’s show Ballers has been renewed for second season on HBO PW Torch is reporting

** Dave Meltzer reported that AAA had announced the first-time ever dream match between Rey Mysterio Jr. and Myzteziz as the main event for Triple Mania on 8/9 at Arena Ciudad in Mexico City.

** PW Torch is reporting that tonight’s EVOLVE show was given a last-minute overhaul due to the late injuries of Biff Busik and TNA tag team champion Davey Richards

** According to Dave Meltzer, Richards was knocked unconscious in a match Thursday night in West Virginia. Meltzer writes;

Davey Richards was knocked out in a match last night in West Virginia. He was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and was told that he couldn’t fly, nor wrestle this weekend. No word on how long he’ll have to be out of action, but The Wolves are the TNA tag team champions and the next tapings start in 12 days.

** Meltzer reported yesterday amid hundreds of words covering UFC, and thousands of words worth of plugs for past Observer issues that Busick would be off the card due to a hand injury

** The Torch is reporting that the “Snake Pit” team of Eddie Kingston, captain Ophidian, and Shynro has been added to King of Trios tournament in September. They’re the seventh team entered in the 16-team tournament.

** Adam Cole vs Dalton Castle has been added to the ROH Death Before Dishonor iPPV on July 24 according to thisPW Torch report.

** Bruce Mitchell has a new column at Mid-Atlantic Gateway remembering the night the Nature Boys Buddy Landel and Ric Flair collided amidst a thunderstorm outside the Dorton Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1985.

** Dave Scherer of PWInsider has an article re-capping Brie Bella recently addressing Daniel Bryan’s health status in an interview she did for the Mirror UK. She believes Bryan will recover and make it back to the ring, and that he remains determined to do so.

** PWinsider contributor Paul Jordan has a recap of Lucha Underground’s producer Eric Van Wagenen’s appearance on the Steve Austin Show podcast this week addressing the promotion’s status for season two on the El Rey network. According to Van Wagenen it comes down to a money issue, as the sense was El Rey has put an offer on the table to get the show back for 40 episodes, but it may not be enough for the production needs in making the show

** Joe Gagne’s always indispensable review and brief recap of the week in pro wrestler podcasts, Podmass is here. Give it a read now, and thank him later for listening to all of those shows so you don’t have to.


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