083 – Orton vs. Lesnar at SummerSlam | Reactions to TNA’s Final Deletion | WWE Cruiserweight Classic | Cody Rhodes Denies Excursion Theory | Hugh’s Views | Sealia Sees It

The gang is back this week to talk all of the reactions to WWE announcing that Brock Lesnar’s SummerSlam opponent will be Randy Orton despite the fact that the WWE Superstar is injury prone in such a way that would make people question why they would send him to “Suplex City.” Still, other pundits, like the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer wonders why anyone is even talking about or analyzing this match because, until Brock gets through his match with Mark Hunt at UFC 200, there is no reason to even wonder who is fighting who…

We unpack all the reactions to TNA Impact’s Final Deletion segment between Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero, Jeff Hardy, including the pros and cons of the match. While the first reactions to this story were overwhelmingly positive, a few days after its debut, PW Torch Sr. Columnist Bruce Mitchell, as well as Voices of Wrestling hosts Joe Lanza and Rich Kraestch came out on the negative side of the segment.

Hugh Little runs down his Views for the week, talking all the tidbits in international, and independent wrestling that we should take a look at…

Then we break down the reactions to the WWE Cruiserweight Classic Bracketology special.

Sealia gives us her perspective on how she sees it for the week, including her reactions to two more matches from the WWE Top 100 Matches book. Les samples Edge’s cocktail meatballs, and more!

We look at the Cody Rhodes Excursion Theory, and how the reportage of that angle have been misinterpreted in such a way that severely disappoints Les… Cody started this project as a WWE employee back in 2015, then decided to leave the promotion — and that’s why he needs permission to finish the project!

Lastly, the gang looks at the potential new shows on the WWE network as part of their latest Fan Council Survey.

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