Ciampa To Meltzer, Wrestling Reporters: “Liars!”

Perceived Lack of Integrity Over Injury Reports Infuriates Wrestling Star

Dave Meltzer has found himself in hot water with a wrestling star yet again.

Former ROH star Tommaso Ciampa, lashed out over the weekend after reports, emanating from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, circulated that he was injured and hoping to avoid surgery.

Ciampa, who is heavily rumored to be courting a WWE deal and recently worked last wee’s NXT tapings, has gone so far as to call wrestling reporters liars, and criticized them for a lack of integrity following reports that he was working through a neck injury.

Reports appear to have stemmed from a note in the current \ Observer wherein Meltzer writes the following:

Tommaso Ciampa is having neck problems, but trying to avoid surgery.

News swiftly made it to the wrestling news aggregators as WrestleZone and WrestlingInc. both ran with the story as is customary following any news blurb in the Observer.

WrestlingInc. reported:

Indie star Tommaso Ciampa, who worked a match at last week’s WWE NXT TV tapings, is reportedly having neck problems but is trying to avoid surgery. No word yet if WWE is offering him a deal.

While WrestleZone included the following in a catch-all report on random news bits:

As noted, indy star Tommaso Ciampa worked a WWE NXT match at the last set of tapings, but there is no word on whether or not WWE intends to offer Ciampa a deal. Ciampa is reportedly dealing with neck problems and is said to be trying to avoid surgery.

Ciampa was none too pleased, taking to Twitter to voice his displeasure in a series of tweets.
Sean Ross Sapp quickly ran a retraction story based on Ciampa’s lashing out.

Former Ring Of Honor TV Champion Tommaso Ciampa took to Twitter Sunday afternoon to shoot down rumors that he’s been dealing with a neck injury, and avoiding a subsequent surgery.

Ciampa called the reports false, and noted that he was completely healthy.

Over on the F4Wonline message board, questions arose as to the veracity of Meltzer’s initial report, with some questioning why a story like that was even reported on in the first place if it didn’t come from Ciampa himself, or someone very close to him.

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Meltzer’s attention to detail has come under increased fire lately stemming from a series of mis-reports all summer long, many regarding TNA talent, most recently on the subject of Bully Ray’s status of working Philadelphia NXT shows for WWE.

As of yet no comments or clarifying statements have been made by Meltzer.


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