08/16/15 – Sunday News Recap

Quick daily update today to get back in the groove after a long absence. Apologies for that. I won’t bore anyone with an explanation, but I will say that the time away has given me a lot of time to think about the future format of the daily update portion of the site. Going forward we may look to do a format where we report on the content of the top wrestling news outlets on a site-by-site basis, and less of a daily compendium of news from all of the sites. We’ll see how it goes.

Top story on the site right now looks at the ridiculous story of Chyna approaching Triple H outside of Roddy Piper’s funeral in Portland this past Tuesday. It remains funny to me that what started out as Dave Meltzer trying to defend the credibility of his single-sources blurb in the Observer about nothing happening between the two after Sean Waltman tweeted out that Chyna bum-rushed HHH, and security stood by ready to intervene, when all was said an done, Meltzer basically said that the gist of Waltman’s tweets were correct.

The latest episode of our podcast Talking Sheet is also up on the site with myself, Hugh Little (@HughLittleSheet)  talking Chyna and Triple H coverage, Pat McNeill’s column in this week’s PW Torch, and related podcasts, calling on WWE’s Daniel Bryan to retire, plus our Divas correspondent Sealia Bloom (@SealiaBloom)  stops in to cover the latest on the Divas scene, including breaking down a great article on how the Divas Revolution is actually just a “Give Divas a Chance” movement more than anything.

You’ll also want to check out our new segments on the show where Dave Meltzer makes things Clear As Mud with he G1 tournament, and Inspector Ringside, where Bryan Alvarez helps solve the mystery of why Wade Barrett’s push has been irreparably stalled out.

Finally, our comic satirist MeatyFist is back with two great new cartoons sending up WrestlingObserver.com columnist Ben Miller, and a look at the shunning of ex-WWE Superstar and wrestling legend Hulk Hogan.

Let’s get to the wrestling news.


Sunday News Update

** The Voices of Wrestling Staff, who had blow away coverage of the entire tournament, all reviewed the G1 Climax tournament final card here

** PW Torch Assistant Editor James Caldwell’s G1 Climax report is here

** Dave Meltzer’s live coverage of the finals is here

** Big news coming out of the G1 Finals judging by the opening moments of the Wrestling Observer Radio podcast with Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez was how stunning Yujiro Takahashi’s ring valet PIETER’s butt is, and how there were lots of young girls crying after Takahashi’s victory over Nakamura last night.

** Well, Alvarez always has loved cats…

** ESPN will be covering next Sunday’s WWE SummerSlam pay per view event in Brooklyn

** F4WOnline’s Meltzer notes that it won’t be a full blown SportsCenter on the Road segment, but that former WWE announcer turned ESPN personality Jonathan Coachman will be covering the event.

** PW Torch is reporting that Ring of Honor will be heading to Japan in 2016 to tour with New Japan in jointly promoted shows there

** Wrestling Observer’s Meltzer mentioned on his Saturday night podcast with Bryan Alvarez compared this move to probably being like the Fantasticamania shows New Japan co-produces with Mexican wrestling promotion CMLL (Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre).

** John Cena is going to be everywhere this week leading up to Summer Slam

** ProWrestling.net has a recap of a recent interview Finn Balor did with the PodNasty podcast

** In case you missed it, Wade Keller has been on a tirade lately about Roman Reigns comments made during a recent interview he did with the Sporting News

** CagesideSeats has coverage of the interview here, where Reigns talks about being bullied by internet fans…



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