Meltzer Confirms Impact Interest in Mysterio

In what would appear to be a key indicator of PWInsider Elite’s dwindling relevancy, pro wrestling newzers today picked up on Mike Johnson story about Impact’s interest in Rey Mysterio after Dave Meltzer confirmed the story on his Wrestling Observer Radio podcast Monday night.

The story was first floated by Johnson on his Hotline radio show available behind the paywall of the frequently maligned subser.

During the mailbag Q&A section of the podcast, Meltzer was asked to confirm the story, and the emailer mentioned Johnson by name. Meltzer noted that the story was indeed correct, and that there was absolutely interest on Impact’s side, but he seemed somewhat skeptical that the two sides would come to a deal before this week’s scheduled tapings.

This was enough for many of the prolific news aggregators (newzers, in Sheet Sandwich parlance) to run with the story.

WrestlingInc was among the first, running a story that even cited earlier reports over the summer that Mysterio was entertaining offers from both WWE and Impact.

Johnson, on his Hotline, seemingly credited himself as the source of those early reports over the summer.

Other site’s reporting on this story while citing Meltzer as the source include

Sport Skeeda (Sports Keeda?) and 411 Mania.

In the past, wrestling newzers would fairly frequently mind Johnson’s Hotline reports for any news tidbits, however that trend has seemingly been on the wane lately.

Sheet Sandwich will continue to monitor this situation closely.

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