Meltzer, Ryder Square Off Over Recent TNA News

From All Angles: Your Complete Rundown of the Latest TNA News

“This shows how little credibility he should have. He has never been more wrong on anything he has ever “reported.” – Bob Ryder

Bob Ryder has once again called into question the credibility of after a story ran on the site, which was later tweeted out by their official Twitter account (@WONF4W) regarding the departure of TNA Knockouts Taryn Terrell and Awesome Kong.

“Taryn Terrell and Awesome Kong’s TNA contracts expired as of this weekend and tonight’s Slammiversary is expected to be their last show, which explains Terrell losing her championship during the TV tapings this past week.” read a report posted on F4Wonline Sunday morning.

Ryder saw the story, and was none too pleased.
“Neither of their contracts are up for several months. Amazed you would report something so totally wrong,” Ryder said via Twitter. “The story on your site is totally wrong and an example of irresponsible reporting. An apology and correction should follow.”

Meltzer reacted, tweeting, “Geez, does anyone listen? I said the July tapings, not last night’s tapings, go to Sept. So again, Bob, why don’t you tell everyone that I was in fact, correct, in saying that.”

Which actually seemed to be a reaction to a completely different allegation regarding the timing of the tapings, and when episodes would air, not actually regarding anything to do with Tarrell or Kong’s contracts.

Despite the rising tide of news reporting TNA Impact's demise on Destination America, Bob Ryder has taken to Twitter to let everyone know the water's fine by MeatyFist
Despite the rising tide of news reporting TNA Impact’s demise on Destination America, Bob Ryder has taken to Twitter to let everyone know the water’s fine by MeatyFist

Ryder, however, continued to engage.

“Again, you are totally wrong,” Ryder fired back. “Taryn is contracted until March, Kong until December. You are totally embarassing (sic) yourself.”

Ryder went on to add that Meltzer was, “…exposing himself as a total fraud.”

Kong and Taryn soon tweeted their own denials within 5 minutes of each other.

“Contrary to rumors, @IMPACTWRESTLING and I will ring in the new year together & I’ll ‘deck the halls’ of anyone who says otherwise,” wrote Kong.

Terrell added, “Stop making up rumors Internet! I just started playing!! I’m not going ANYWHERE!!”

Meltzer, for his part, denies that he got the story based on Twitter conjecture circulating Saturday night, writing on his message board: “Didn’t get it from Twitter. Checking with the original source right now”

Shortly thereafter, F4Wonline acknowledged Ryder’s comments on the site with an additional story titled “Updates regarding Kurt Angle and talent leaving TNA” which stated in part:

“Bob Ryder of TNA on Twitter stated that Awesome Kong and Taryn Terrell are still under contract, until December and March, contrary to what was reported her (sic) earlier today.”

It has been an amazingly turbulent week at TNA with everything from talent leaving the company (before last night a half-dozen other previously contracted wrestlers had announced their departure, or depending departure, including Austin Aries, James Storm, Low-Ki and Magnus) to rumors regarding whether or not Jeff Jarrett would be buying back TNA from Panda Energy.

On the latter, Wade Keller in the current issue of the Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter, downplayed the idea:

“Since Wednesday afternoon when I heard about big things going down at Impact later that night, it wasn’t hard to find sources saying Jeff Jarrett was going to try to buy back controlling interest in TNA. I also am not sure I believe there’s a lot to it. Jarrett is not rolling in money that he’d like to independently spent on a wrestling company making more news from wrestlers asking for their releases or quitting than anything positive about their future.”

Regarding the stories about talent actually confirmed to be leaving the company, Meltzer addressed their departures on the Saturday night edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, saying ““The deal with all these people is that, essentially, they weren’t getting new deals at the same money… and they’re all looking to make new deals wherever they can.”

This would seemingly run slightly contrary to a report that appeared on F4Wonline Saturday morning where the idea that the departures might be a work was floated:

“It also should be noted that within TNA there is skepticism of all releases because of the belief they are being kayfabed for a GFW invasion angle…”

Much has been made of the talent leaving the group on other sites as well, with a column by Dave Scherer of seemingly backing up, in part, Meltzer’s claim that the departures are money-driven.

“[Storm and Magnus] went to TNA management and asked to be let out of their deals due to the fact that TNA runs far fewer shows than they have in the past, meaning they are making a lot less money… TNA doesn’t have the revenue it once had so it is not in a position to guarantee many contracts.”

Scherer also characterized the departures of Storm and Magnus as an opportunity to allow the men to work for other promotions, and continue their relationship with TNA as freelancers who aren’t under contract.

Scherer went on to say that this move was allowed to happen due to “respect that they [TNA] have for both men.”

“To their credit, TNA management understood the new reality that the company faces, as less shows equal less money for the talents, and they let both men out of their deals… The current plan is to have both men come back and work the tapings and be members of the promotion’s TV shows, while being able to find other work to supplement their TNA work.”

Scherer also attempted to reframe the developments of the week, with talent leaving and working with Jeff Jarrett again as a strategic move by TNA to adapt with changes to ensure its future.

“At this point, TNA is largely a wrestling company that produces a TV show as opposed to a full on wrestling company that does live events as well, and they are changing the way that they operate to reflect the new reality of what their business is… Given the changing landscape of their business, TNA is adjusting their view on how they will promote themselves going forward.”

Meltzer, on Observer Radio Saturday night had a different characterization:

“A lot of people don’t think they’re long for this world,” Meltzer said before going on to say that he senses that the people with the money are getting to the end of their patience, and noted that all of the recent departures, and failure on the part of TNA to resign any of them to new deals speaks volumes as to their future.


  1. My sub to F4W expired recently, and I’m questioning renewing it, so I don’t know what was said on the audio show last night. But their website ( ) clearly said their contracts ended this weekend.

    And then they quietly release an update ( ) stating they were wrong.

    So why is Dave trying to defend himself here? Was the reference to him talking about the July tapings something on the audio show? Or is the person who didn’t listen to him whoever wrote the news article for the website (articles which annoyingly don’t name their author).

    It pains my to say this, but given Bob was replying to the incorrect article on the site, he’s in the right here, and Dave seems to be in the wrong. Can’t help but feel that after the embarrassment of the WON bit on news that might be taking place right now this past Wednesday, Dave over-reached to try and get an exclusive.

  2. Enjoyed the coverage of this story.

    Can F4W simply fire Bixenspan, bring back Todd Martin, and life can be good again?

    Seems like even Dave’s journalism has been Bix’d,

    There’s an idea for the illustrator, instead of Nix(tm) Lice removal, you can place Bix on the box and funny puns and a Jeff Hardy reference. You’re welcome.

    • I find it interesting that Bix has been moonlighting over at WINC too lately. Hes doing their podcast and a daily “This day in Wrestling History”. Kinda surprised Meltzer is okay with that. Or is Bix even still with WO?

  3. I have an idea for Meltzer, how about just quit reporting on TNA altogether. They won’t confirm anything and even if they did I doubt it would be the truth. TNA has been living in Dixieland way too long to care about the truth. Instead of letting your newsletter continue to have its credibility dragged through the mud by one of the biggest ass kissers and hangers on since Downtown Bruno, just quit talking about the waste of space called TNA.

    I quit caring about TNA years ago when it became obvious that it was just not improving.


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