Shirt-Breaker Meltzer the Talk of BOLA

Dave Meltzer’s Buzzed About Physique Makes Ripples Across Twitter

Wrestling Observer Newsletter founder and editor Dave Meltzer became a hot topic over the weekend as the jacked-up journo had his guns on full display during Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s annual Battle of Los Angeles in Reseda, CA.

Meltzer, long known for being cheesed to the edge of the platter, first made waves after a picture surfaced online wherein his arms looked bigger than usual.

Meltzer Muscles
GUN SHOW: Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer had his biceps on display at BOLA

Naturally, this brought about several jokes regarding the prolific writer’s status with USADA, as Meltzer is well known for covering both MMA and professional wrestling’s countless drug violations over the years.

However, Meltzer himself downplayed his appearance saying that he didn’t believe his hulking look to be appreciably different than in years past—especially now that his shoulder (which has over the years been plagued with pain) feels good.

Speaking on his weekend podcast with co-host Bryan Alvarez, Meltzer said, “that’s just how I look.”

The veteran ring reporter did, though, take some pride in shyly pointing out that he had better abs than Johnny Mundo, who was in competition at BOLA this weekend.

“They’re not better than Matt Sydal, though,” Meltzer said.

In discussing his workout regimen, Meltzer says that he works out during commercial breaks while watching WWE’s 3-hour flagship program, leading some to note that this may be the clearest sign yet that Raw really is too long at three hours.

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  1. berzerkerchunk
    September 7, 2016 at 12:59 am — Reply

    Meltzer and his NEW full nelson challenge. If you can break his full nelson you get 5 minutes free of Bryan Alverez’s screaming and whining on WOL.

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