054 – Recapping TLC & WWE Raw Hot Takes | Vince McMahon Returns | Getting it Right With Roman Reigns? | HHH Overselling? | Keller Reax | Meltzer Reax | Protecting NXT Talent | Sheetys & Christmas Show info | More!

It’s the Triumphant Return of the Mid-Week edition of Talking Sheet—the most talked about podcast in wrestling among certain circles.

Hugh and Sealia join Les to talk all the hot takes coming out of the most buzz worthy WWE shows since SummerSlam—including a very noteworthy TLC and the highest rated WWE Raw of the fall. We break down all the top reactions on the show, including how the main personalities over at the Wrestling Observer and PW Torch reacted to the shows. We look at how Dave Meltzer is rooting against talent being brought up to the main roster from NXT, and how Meltzer and Bruce Mitchell dismissed criticism of Triple H overselling for Roman Regins at TLC, a look at the coverage of Vince McMahon’s return and much, much more!

Housekeeping notes–we’ll have our LIVE Christmas show this Saturday afternoon, followed by our first annual, gala event the Sheety Awards Show on Christmas weekend. Do not miss out, and follow us on Twitter to find out how you can take part!

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The Talking Sheet podcast goes in-depth for analysis on coverage of insider wrestling newsletters, sites, podcasts & more, covering pro wrestling!


  1. Les, I appreciate your original thoughts on the racist angle with McMahon and Reigns. Sure, pro wrestling is a way to give our brains a rest, but even while being entertained, I still like to generate some thoughts and even philosophize a bit. You are one of the few wrestling commentators who dare to dive in deeper than the shallow end of the pool when it comes to talking about these matters, and I soak it up.


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