Too Hot for B&V Podcast

F4Wonline’s Bryan & Vinny Show Contest Canceled Due to Racist Undertones

Tuesday night’s Bryan & Vinny Show(w/ Craig)  ended up being a nightmare for the premium wrestling news site.

What was supposed to be the kickoff of the next installment of a string of contests leading to the hosts taking turns recording an outgoing voicemail message for the winner turned into an embarrassment with uncomfortable undertones that some listeners have labeled as bordering on racist.

The episode took on such a dark undertone that it was almost immediately edited by Alvarez and re-released with all mentions of the contest removed from the show along with the following apology:

The original version of this show included references to a contest that was offensive to some listeners. We have removed all such references from the show and reposted it in our archives. We regret that the comments were made, and even more strongly, we are sorry that we allowed them to make their way onto our site. We sincerely apologize to all those who may have been offended.

The contest, an idea promoted by Tuesday B&V Show co-host Craig Proper, alluded to in the apology centered on listeners creating a song that highlighted Bryan Alvarez’s love of the “exotic.”

As Proper explained the contest further, things took on an awkward, uncomfortable tone, as the co-host referenced some prerecorded songs that might help frame the purpose of the contest even more: “Sweet Brown Sugar,” “Jungle Love” and many others made the list—all alluding to Alvarez having a lustful appreciation of darker skinned ladies like Naomi, Alicia Fox, Krystal Marshall, Mandy Leon and more.

Proper had been promoting the contest idea for hours prior to the episode airing, even going so far as to tweet the following:

Can’t wait to announce the next BV&C contest tonight! @bryanalvarez will be upset with me. #DontMind #NotTheFirstTime

In hindsight one could potentially see the issue with the show. In fact, early on it was clear, even to co-hosts, that the idea was probably not among the brightest ever surfaced for the sometimes irreverent podcast proving that—even for the Bryan and Vinny show—there is a place for good taste.

Much was made during the opening moments of the show of Vincent “Vinny” Verhei’s silence as Craig attempted to explain the purpose of the contest. Alvarez would be heard defending himself, saying he loved ALL women, not just the “exotic” beauties Proper was attempting to frame the contest around.

While Alvarez is married to a slim, fit very caucasian blonde whale watcher named Whitney (about the farthest thing from the “type” Proper was apparently describing), the assertion made in the contest was that Alvarez had an imbalanced  appreciation of thicker, voluptuous, darker-skinned ladies.

Alvarez attempted, at first, to reframe the contest around his appreciation of all women, to no avail. Craig insisted that this be about “the exotic.” And therein lied the issue.

Shortly after the show aired, Twitter follower Ian Hamilton asked:

So @ProperJam is pretty much begging for someone to create a series of racist songs for @bryanalvarez?

It was clear the contest would lead to more questionable content, and questioning among listeners.

When it was suggested that, based on comments made during the show, no good could come of the contest, Alvarez replied with the following:

This was abundantly clear the moment he started explaining this contest.

In a matter of hours, Alvarez was editing the show, having had second thoughts about promoting a contest with such “weird, racist” undertones, and announced that, “[the] show is being edited and reposted.”

The original show was removed from the site, and re-posted with a new version that removed all references of the contest, both from the beginning of the show, and from the closing moments of the podcast who reiterated the contest, and set a deadline of June 30th for respondents to enter.

“…That gives you three weeks to come up with something!” Alvarez declared with glee.

But it was not to be.

As Alvarez later declared on Twitter “This contest is not happening.”

Speculation began running rampant once the contest was expunged from the official Bryan & Vinny (w/ Craig) Show as to Proper’s future on the show for having suggested such a contest. Some wondered publicly whether he would suspended or, worse, fired for his blasé attitude toward race relations here in 2015.

Alvarez was quick to shoot down such conjecture, telling the Sandwich, “Craig is not suspended or fired.”

There is, as yet, no word on whether there will be a replacement contest announced next week. But for now, Alvarez assures us that this “exotic” contest is dead, underscoring the fact that, “There is no contest.”


  1. I came here looking for the unedited version of the podcast. So far I’m disappointed.

    This would’ve been a great time to stand up for Craig. Instead, Sheet tries to capitalize on the hype.


  2. The best thing about the social media world we live in is that everyone has a voice. Unfortunately, the worst thing about the social media world we live in is that everyone has a voice. Maybe this contest wasn’t the best idea, but in a broader context and possibly even this one (I didn’t hear the original version of the show for myself since I didn’t get to it in time) we really need to stop making every little thing that might be the slightest bit controversial or fun into an uproar until somebody has to can it and post a fake apology.

  3. Alvarez was quick to shoot down such conjecture, telling the Sandwich, “Craig is not suspended or fired.”

    Didn’t he say the same about Todd?


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