TS Mid-Week 14 – WWE’s Big E Tweets Black Excellence | Alberto Del Rio & Paige Trouble | Who Disappointed Chris Hero? | Jeff Jarrett Talking with TNA | WWE Roadblock

Les is joined by Sheety nominee David Bixenspan of the Between the Sheets podcast talking all of the week’s news so far, including Big E’s controversial “Black Excellence” tweet, and Kofi Kingston’s clarifying response, ex-WWE star Alberto Del Rio’s backstage brawl in Mexico, and the continued spiral of him and fiancee Paige…

We talk over the situation with wrestling’s hottest indie act, Chris Hero, and his tweet earlier this week over being disappointed by “irresponsible journalism,” and who might that have been aimed at. John Pollock reported that TNA is talking former star, and company co-founder Jeff Jarrett, a claim PWInsider’s Mike Johnson.

Finally, we wrap things up with some quick hits from the week on Hulk Hogan, Vince McMahon’s hand-on production of 205 Live, AJ Styles’ injury and lots more.

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