06/29/15 – Monday News Update

Our Top Story today looks at PWInsider’s apparent botched coverage of the Dolph Ziggler contract situation with WWE, where Mike Johnson last Friday had reported the WWE Superstar had re-signed a multi-year deal. Ziggler, however denied those claims Monday afternoon on the Chad Dukes radio show. Read our story here.

Don’t miss the latest edition of Talking Sheet, our podcast where myself and Hugh Little break down the week in wrestling news coverage, and then look back at a Wrestling Observer Newsletter from the past. We’re currently on March of 1987.

Also up on the site today, we have a story looking at the recent situation in TNA, and how all of the top wrestling news sites are covering the story. We also break down the latest Twitter war of words between Bob Ryder and Dave Meltzer in the article.

Monday News Update 

WWE News

** F4Wonline reported earlier today that Natalya Neidhart is at TV this week, her first appearance since Tyson Kidd’s recent neck surgery.

** WrestlingInc. has re-posted a graphic pic of Kidd’s neck post-surgery that Kidd sent out over Twitter. Yuck.

** WrestleZone has a report of a recent Facebook post made by Mick Foley where the WWE Legend wrote about his thoughts on Kevin Owens.

** PWTorch has a write-up looking at a new WWE List episode focusing on Daniel Bryan’s Top 5 Picks

** Raw reports for Monday night:

  • James Caldwell with PWTorch here
  • Jason Powell at ProWrestling.net here
  • PWInsider and someone named Richard Trionfo here

    Overzealous Jeff Hamlin takes over F4W homepage with Raw Live Coverage links
    Overzealous Jeff Hamlin takes over F4W homepage with Raw Live Coverage links
  • F4Wonline with Mr. Jeff Hamlin here

** Interesting note about Hamlin’s report is, earlier in the evening he did nearly a full front page takeover with multiple postings of the live coverage

** PWInsider has two off air notes from Raw regarding dark matches with Ascension v. Meta-Powers and another with Adam Rose.

** PWTorch has updated its WWE Battleground lineup following Raw with the potential of two additional matches involving Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, Rusev and more

ROH News

** PWTorch is reporting that the Briscoes and Time Splitters will square off at the ROH “Field of Honor” show on Summerslam weekend

** ProWrestling.net ran with the ROH press release on this story

** PWTorch also has an article up looking at a Jay Lethal interview, and what’s next for the new ROH champ

TNA News

** PWTorch with a piece on Eric Young losing his mind on Twitter after Slammiversary telling fans who didn’t like the show “go fuck yourself”

** F4Wonline has an article attributed to “a third party” looking at a recent interview with Tyrus, AKA Brodus Clay on the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show

** ProWrestling.net has a recap of an interview with TNA’s Rockstar Spud here

** Austin Aries is done with TNA and now taking bookings

  • PWTorch report here
  • PWInsider report here (a press release)

Misc News

** PWInsider’s Mike Johnson is reporting that the Blue World Order of Stevie Richards, Blue Meanie and Nova have entered the CHIKARA King of Trios tournament this September

** PWTorch has the same report, but with the more vague headline, “Fifth team announced for King of Trios”

** For once I didn’t deel duped by a PWInsider click bait headline

** PWTorch reporting that Magnus is officially with Global Force Wrestling

** PWInsider’s Mike Johnson looks at the Magnus story here


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